• Geografie, 2014, VIR Viafarini in Residence, Milano

    VIR Viafarini-in-residence is a residency program open to artists, critics and curators interested in spending a period of research and work in Milan. Since 2008 VIR, located in the organization's former premises in via Farini 35, aims to show, document and compare different artistic experiences and curatorial approaches, promoting them to the Italian public. International and italian artists and curators live and work sharing the same framework and tracing the perimeter of their own experimentations, both through a dialog during the studio visits, as well as of the Open Atelier final exhibition. I'm working on the VIR from September until December. On this occasion I'm creating my personal archive, Geographies. It shows the process of my work and my research. For this reason I ask you a collaboration. Geographies The coordinates are tools, geometrical and mathematical entities, used to uniquely identify the position of a point on the reference surface. For example, the geographic coordinates identify the surface of the earth. It is like an ellipsoid and it is measured in degrees. The longitude and latitude are angular sizes. The term coordinates are also identified cultural assumptions from which a theory or a movement originates or where it is. I ask you to consider your own research as an Investigation AREA, and to determine the coordinates. You will have to indicate the point of your research where you are. You can choose the medium that you prefer. This is a guide method for you and then for who will have access to this archive. Many thanks
    • photo 1, Geografie, Andrea Naciarriti
    • photo 2, Geografie, Stefano Cagol
    • photo 3, Geografie, Obelo
    • photo 4, Geografie, Isabella Mara
    • photo 5, Geografie, Marzotto Caotorta
    • photo 6, Triangle, Una Szeemann, photo by Bohdan Stehlik, 2014
    • photo 7, Iko Spezzato, Miky Tallone
    • photo 8, Senza Titolo, 2012, Lucia Veronesi
    • photo 9, Geografie, Ylbert Durishti
    • photo 10, Geografie, workshop, III anno Disegno NABA
    • photo 11, Geografie, live, Martino Nencioni